January CoderDojo: Introducing MakeCode Arcade

This session we introduced MakeCode Arcade. MakeCode Arcade is a block-based programming environment like Scratch and Micro:bit, but specially designed to help you build different kinds of games. MakeCode Arcade, you build all parts of the game from scratch. You get to make the art, pick enemies, and even decide how to keep score!


You can get started with Makecode Arcade by following one of the MakeCode Arcade tutorials. At our January Dojo, we made a Space Shooter Game, a Maze Game, or a Dodge-the-Enemy Game.

Next steps

The game tutorials are a good starting point, but once you’ve completed them, you’ve just started. Have you tried customizing your game art? Explosion effects? Maybe you can add new enemies or other ways to win?

Did you know?

You can play your game on an actual handheld video game hardware too. Check out the hardware section of the MakeCode page.