Coding Resources and Links

We encourage everyone to share their favourite languages, activities and programmable objects during our CoderDojo events. We keep a running list of them here. Are we missing anything? Let us know!

Programming Languages and Environments

Micro:bit - Block-based language to program the Micro:bit, a miniature computer with lights, buttons, and sensors. No hardware is required since the environment includes simulated hardware. In fact, it is faster to test your program with the simulator.

Scratch - Block-based language that allows you to put together sounds, graphics, and animations. Can be used to create games and tell stories.

Makecode Arcade - Block-based language with a lot of built-in features that makes it easy to make arcade-style games. When your program is ready, Makecode Arcade-compatible devices allow you to play your game on a real handheld machine.

Python - Text-based language used for a wide variety of tasks by professionals and novice programmers alike. If you are using a Raspberry Pi or a Linux PC, your computer may already have Python installed! Otherwise, download the tools from the official Python site to get a copy that will run regardless of whether you are connected to the Internet. You can also use tools like to try out Python from your browser.

Activities and Tutorials

Raspberry Pi Code Club - Step-by-step lessons for learning Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python.

Raspberry Pi Projects - A huge library of project guides for different hardware and software.

Scratch Ideas - Activities and ideas for Scratch.